Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 Build Progress

Late summer 2015 the demolition and build began.

Prior to this we concentrated on creating our temporary accommodation, to comfortably see us over the winter on site.

The old building starts to come down.
Materials that can be reused like old insulation, timber, roofing sheets etc were snatched up quickly as freebies advertised on Gumtree and some we have kept and will recycle in the new build.

demolition starting

site almost clear

As the site starts to clear, we begin to build the new timber frame, its a single story built on existing foundations so the progress is satisfyingly speedy.

Good to get some of the dirty jobs out of the way, drains all laid and additional foundations done.

A push to get the roof on before Christmas was at times very frustrating, battling with the wind and rain, but now enables a whole loads of internal fit out that can continue throughout the winter.

Waterproof now and with no internal walls, makes a perfect archery range!

Living on site is not always ideal but the open plan area still functions perfectly well as my studio and with a few further improvements on site, we are able to enjoy a good level of comfort.

Christmas 2015 in the studio

Its been a pleasure working with our main crew of Paul + Tom Redman and my son Joe, and although I've always been reluctant to predict a completion date, if we can continue at this pace, it should be safe to say that we'll be in by Christmas 2016!

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