Sunday, 21 June 2015

Build Update June 2015

We’ve been in our converted office + studio for over 7 months now and have become quite fond of living here.
Perfectly comfortable throughout the winter, we soon got used to our daily campsite shower experience and the constant sound of cats thundering around on the metal roof at night.
Plenty of space for us, with just Toby at home the other two lads away at Uni + travelling.

Cal has now returned and Joe any day now, lovely to have them back and the extra labour is very welcome.
Cal is demolishing the room below, a bit of a shame as it feels like I’ve only recently done this temporary conversion.

 Callum 'The Demolition Man' June 2015

Temporary conversion in Nov 2014
 Being brutal in June 2015 

All 5 of us are here over the summer and as we demolish, less space available.
I've been planning for this, but not quite finished the extra spaces just yet. So a bit of musical beds going on right now, always somewhere to rest your head, not necessarily the same place each night!

Since moving, all my spare time has been spent building these new rooms to inhabit once the office demolition is done.
The studio still functions perfectly well for my work but have reorganised it. In the evening it becomes an open plan living space, we've installed a wood burner built a kitchen, temporary bathroom and another partitioned room.
I’m converting an old storeroom and have built a new fairly basic outbuilding, both insulated and will have power supplies, hopefully keeping us comfortable throughout next winter.
Photos will follow once I've properly finished these areas....,

Making the most of the summer, we have plenty to get on with and very soon will need to hand over the main running of the build to our good friend and architect Paul Redman who has all the clever technical knowledge, expertise and experience.

With his instruction, we will still be involved where our capabilities and time allows, also helping to manage + organise specific skills and materials on site.

All very knackering but still plenty of enthusiasm and excitement for the build.
Though if asked, at this stage, I'd rather not even attempt to offer a date of completion.